This short legged German breed is known for its big personality, small size, charm, and cleverness. Long and low, the Dachshund comes in many colors and coat types. The Dachshund is clever and responds well to reward-based training. With short legs, this breed requires moderate exercise and several short walks per day. Keeping your new Dachshund lean and fit is essential for optimal health as this pup grows into adulthood. Lots of socialization from a young age will help your Dachshund adjust to positive interactions with strangers. With an adult weight around 7 to 15 pounds, the Dachshund is a perfect breed for life in the city. This cheerful and adorable breed is a great choice for your new best friend!

One of the most pleasant breeds to be around, the Miniature Poodle has been wagging tails and creating smiles for decades. This small breed pup grows to stand around 10 inches tall and weighs about 12 – 20 pounds in adulthood. Known for its hypoallergenic coat, the Poodle is a favorite for people with allergies to pet dander. This breed’s loving and gently nature makes for a great companion. Poodles are extremely smart and very receptive to consistent training.