Puppies for Sale in Orlando Florida

Finding a new puppy to bring into your family is an exciting endeavor. Most people want to find one that meets their family’s unique needs. For Orlando area residents, Your Puppy FL is the premier source for finding beautiful puppies for sale in Orlando, Florida.

It’s Easy to Adopt a Puppy in Orlando FL

We make the process of choosing and buying a new fuzzy best friend for the whole family super-easy.

The process is simple. Just follow this guide:

Why Use Your Puppy to Find Puppies for Adoption?

Your Puppy FL stands behind the Florida puppies it sells. Pet owners who turn to us when they want a new puppy can count on several benefits. These include:

  • Same Day delivery available for most puppies
  • Free transportation right to your home
  • A 10-year health guarantee
  • A 14-day general health guarantee
  • A 1-year congenital/hereditary health guarantee
  • Microchipping
  • A complimentary bag of dry premium food and a can of wet food
  • A Florida health certificate
  • Up-to-date worming

You can find a variety of puppies for sale on Your Puppy FL’s website. Some of the more popular breeds include the Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Poodle, Australian Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Yorkie, Dachshund, Miniature Schnauzer and Siberian Husky.

We also have designer dog breeds, including mini teacup breeds, when they’re available. Our designer breeds include the Teddy Bear, Yorkie Poo and Goldendoodle. You can find the perfect puppy and give it a new family when you search on Your Puppy FL.

Enjoy Activities with Your Furry Friend

Staying active with your new puppy provides many benefits. This is a perfect time for you to build a bond with your puppy. Keeping your puppy active can help with training and early development. Lots of exercise helps the puppy explore it’s new world while also learning to potty outside and interact with other pups.

The Orlando FL area has many places your puppy can get exercise. People who wake up early and want to get a walk in before they get their day started might appreciate the early opening, usually 5 a.m., of Lake Baldwin Dog Park. Other options throughout the city include Central Park, City of Winter Park, Ward Memorial Park and Barber Park.

Some dog parks have special features that help dog owners enjoy the city with their pooch. Doctor’s Dog Park has a section for small dogs and one for large dogs, so you can ensure your puppy is more comfortable while it’s playing. Downey Park has an area for dogs as well as a splash pad where kids can play.

After a day at the dog park, you and your best friend can go to one of the local bakeries that caters to puppies. Woof Gang Bakery has several locations; Purple Pooch Bakery Boutique and Bark Avenue Bakery also offer tasty treats for your pup.

Obtain the Proper Supplies for Your Puppy

Your puppy will need to have things like food and water dishes, a leash, a collar, treats and toys. You’ll also need to find a high-quality food to feed your pup. We feed and recommend Nutrisource puppy food.

There are many places you can find these items in Orlando. Examples include Pet Supplies Plus, which has several locations around the city. Pet Orlando, Pet Supermarket, and All Four Pets are some other options. These stores all have employees who can work with you to find the products you need to help your new puppy.

Find Professionals to Work With Your Best Friend

As a responsible pet owner, you’ll need some professionals on your side to help you. Many pet owners find that they need a groomer who can handle washing and trimming. Many groomers will also trim the dog’s nails, which is crucial since nails that are too long can have a negative impact on the dog’s feet.

You can find groomers at pet stores, such as All Creatures Pet Grooming, Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming, Four Corners Pet Grooming, Sparky’s Pet Salon and Aunt B’s Pet Grooming in the Orlando area.

Many pet owners need assistance with training their pup. This is beneficial because it lets you draw on the experience of a trained professional to help reduce any uncertainties that may come with training.

Dog trainers usually offer group classes. Many also offer private lessons that can address the unique behavioral issues your dog exhibits. Some may even offer boarding options to help with an intensive training phase.

Some of the trainers in the Orlando Florida area include Canine Magic, Down Home Dog Training and Dog Mechanic. Rocky’s Retreat Canine Health & Fitness Center and Bark Busters Home Dog Training are also options in the area that provide customized services.

At Your Puppy FL, we have financing options available to help you spread the cost of your new pup. Call us today at 813-444-4365, email us at [email protected] or catch us on live chat.

Puppies with a GUARANTEE

Bringing home a new family member is an exciting time!  At Your Puppy FL, we have 20+ years of industry experience of matching families with their new best friend. This is why we are dedicated to provide a smooth transition for your new puppy into your home.

Happy Pups

Bringing home a new family member is an exciting time!  We have 20+ years of industry experience in matching families with their new best friend. This is why we are dedicated to providing a smooth transition for your new puppy into your home.