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Cockapoo puppy on the couch.When you’re looking for a smart, affectionate puppy that’s easy to train, Your Puppy has cockapoo puppies for sale in Florida that fill the bill. Combining the lovable nature of a cocker spaniel with the intelligence of a poodle, this hybrid dog breed typically has a people-centric personality that wins hearts and delivers lifelong companionship to owners.

Just as suitable for experienced pet parents as novice owners, cockapoos are friendly creatures that get along well with kids and other animals in your home. This breed tolerates apartment living well and doesn’t usually have issues with barking, but when you return home, cockapoos require lots of love and playtime as they’re very active puppies and dogs.

Depending on the parents’ genetics, cockapoos may be small or large. For example, cockapoos produced via a toy poodle may only weigh about 5 pounds, while those bred from a standard poodle can weigh as much as 65 pounds. Most cockapoos, however, are bred from miniature rather than toy poodles to create manageable medium-size dogs weighing roughly 15 pounds.

Coat appearance also varies a lot with cockapoos, depending on the dominant parental genetics, and colors can range from basic black, white and brown to tan, sable and blonde — and any combination thereof! Coats may be curly, wavy or straight and the length may be short, medium or long. One thing all cockapoos share, though, is a relatively non-shedding coat. Cockapoos with longer fur, however, do need regular brushing.

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History of Cockapoo Puppies

Though cockapoos sometimes happened naturally before the 1960s, that’s the era when breeders first discovered the positive attributes of this designer dog breed. The accidental combination of cocker spaniel and poodle genetic material by a breeder created a precious puppy with the genial nature of a cocker spaniel and the smarts of a poodle. These traits enabled the rise of cockapoos in popularity and cemented their place as one of the first true designer dog breeds.

Dog breeders typically pair American cocker spaniels with poodles to achieve the lovable cockapoo. When bred with an English cocker spaniel, poodles often produce spoodles rather than cockapoos, which has spurred breeders to recognize the breeds as two separate ones. This confusion has also led some breeders to push for cockapoos to be recognized as a purebred dog so they can use multigenerational crossbreeding rather than creating hybrid cocker spaniel and poodle offspring.

Cockapoo puppy in the dog bag carrier.


Cockapoo grooming is typically simple due to their virtually non-shedding coats. This also helps the dog breed produce less dander than most other breeds. Additionally, cockapoos usually have hypoallergenic coats, making them a low-maintenance option for those with allergies and sensitivities.

The coats of cockapoos also typically don’t create or hold odors, so they don’t need bathing as often as many dog breeds. On the flip side, however, cockapoos with longer coats need regular brushing to keep matting at bay and remove any debris accumulated on their adventures.


Though cockapoos vary wildly in weight and height as well as coat length and characteristics, one thing remains the same: the cockapoo’s happy temperament. This laid-back, friendly attitude and general sweetness also make cockapoos a great choice for therapy dogs, while hypoallergenic coats ensure the breed works well in homes with people with allergies. Also, these dogs don’t bark much, so they’re a good choice for apartments, duplexes and other shared spaces.

The perfect family and companion dog, cockapoos boast outgoing attitudes and get along well with other pets. And while most cockapoos are extremely affectionate, some are more active than others. Due to this affinity for humans and desire for love, cockapoos may suffer from separation anxiety if you’re away too long, though they do well in apartments and small spaces so long as you provide ample attention when you get home.

The intelligence levels of cockapoos usually make them easy to train. Positive reinforcement is the key with these friendly, happy dogs, and using these techniques can result in a sweet, obedient pet as long as you stay on track with training and don’t lose your patience.


Cockapoos generally require about 15 minutes of exercise per day. Moderate energy levels mean most are active, though the majority really enjoy lounging inside rather than romping in the yard. Satisfying a cockapoo’s requirements for exercise can be as simple as a game of fetch in your living room, walking it around the neighborhood or playing together in your backyard.

Diet and Health

Cockapoos may be sensitive to fillers in highly processed dry dog foods, so your best choice is dog foods made with high amounts of meat and protein. When you buy a cockapoo puppy, it should eat 1/4 to 1/2 cup of high-quality puppy food four times a day at 8 weeks, then level off to three times per day at the 3-month marker.

Some common health issues with cockapoos include cataracts in old age, but they’re sometimes prone to issues as they grow. Physical issues may include patellar luxation, a condition that causes knee slippage, and hip dysplasia, which may cause pain and paralysis in the hind legs. Ear infections may also cause issues due to their floppy ears trapping moisture and dirt. 

Feeding Your Adult

Cockapoo puppy sleeping calmly.Adult cockapoos’ food requirements depend on the size of your pet. Experts suggest feeding your adult cockapoo between 1/4 and 3/4 cup of food per day, split between two meals. Due to cockapoos’ propensity for allergies, it’s usually best to feed your adult dog foods that contain no fillers and have lots of protein, including real meat.

Our Health-Tested Puppies Have a 14-Day Guarantee

When you choose cockapoo puppies for sale from Your Puppy, you always get a 14-day health guarantee on your purchase. We take pride in providing your family with options should any issues come up with the health of your puppy, and you can schedule appointments with our consulting area vets at any time. This guarantee pays for any nonoptional care your cockapoo puppy requires until it gets better.

Get Your Cockapoo Puppy Today!

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