Cocker Spaniel Dogs for Sale

Cocker spaniels are the smallest sporting breed and were often used by hunters to retrieve game birds. They’re fairly adaptable and can live in urban areas with regular walks. American cocker spaniels are a descendant of their English counterparts and slightly smaller, reaching 13.5 to 15.5 inches high and 20 to 30 pounds as adults. Their coats may be solid or particolor.

Breed Characteristics

Cocker spaniels are a popular choice for families because of their affectionate and gentle nature. They love attention and generally do well with other pets. They also have a lively, eager-to-please spirit and are happy to play a game of fetch or go for strolls. Thorough brushing and professional clipping are essential to keep their silky hair from matting and tangling, and they also require regular baths. Because they’re nonaggressive with strangers, they don’t make very good guard dogs.

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