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    Male, 166 weeks old (07/18/18)
    Adult Weight 1 - 1 lbs.

Dane Mastiff Dogs for Sale

The Dane Mastiff or Daniff is a loveable and friendly breed. This is a designer breed created from the combination of the Great Dane and English Mastiff. In adulthood the Dane Mastiff can weight from 100 to 200 pounds and stand about 40 inches in height. Daniff’s are known to make great family pets as they are accepting and gentle with children and other smaller pets. This breed is seen in numerous color combinations such as brindle, tan, and black and sheds surprisingly little for it’s size and generally has a low maintenance coat. Your Dane Mastiff will like to go for about 30 minutes a day in walks as they enjoy a leisurely stroll while stretching their long legs. Big, lovable, and fun the Dane Mastiff will make for a great pet!

Call (813) 444-4365 for more information on any of our puppies for adoption. We have Dane Mastiffs for sale in Tampa, Bradenton, Pinellas Park, Sarasota, Wesley Chapel, St. Petersburg, and all around the greater bay area.

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