Miniature Schnauzer Dogs for Sale

First bred in Germany as farm dogs to help catch rats, miniature schnauzers are a mix of the standard schnauzer, affenpinscher and poodle. These endearing dogs come in black, black and silver and salt and pepper colors and are easily recognized by their feathery beard and eyebrows. The smallest and most popular of the three schnauzer breeds, mini schnauzers grow up to 14 inches in height and weigh between 11 and 20 pounds.

Breed Characteristics

Typically more easy going than other terriers, miniature schnauzers are obedient and straightforward to train. They’re devoted family dogs and do well with children and other animals in the home. While they like to have space to run and explore, they’re small and adaptable enough to live in an apartment as long as they have a daily walk. This low-shedding breed has a soft undercoat and wiry topcoat that needs regular brushing and trimming. Be sure to clean its beard daily and give it regular baths to keep its fur looking its best.

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