Teddy Bear Puppies for Sale

Teddy bear puppies, also known as Zuchon or Shichon dogs, get their name from their cuddly demeanors, fluffy coats and small statures. They were originally bred as therapy animals for special needs children but quickly became popular pets. Their calmness, gentleness and playfulness truly makes this designer breed man’s best friend. 

Breed Characteristics

If you’re thinking of getting a new puppy, it’s recommended you research dog breeds and find the best one for you. For instance, if you have a laid-back lifestyle, you probably don’t want a dog with tons of energy.

The unique thing about the teddy bear breed is that it’s a good fit for anyone. These pups can get along with small children and other pets, don’t have overly hyper natures and have a lot of love to give.


Originating in the United States, Teddy Bear puppies are a crossbreed between two well-known purebred, American Kennel Club-recognized dogs: the tiny Shih Tzu and the friendly Bichon Frise. The Shih Tzu, originally bred as a companion dog, is incredibly loyal, pleasant and affectionate. The Bichon Frise has a sweet and gentle attitude, making it the perfect house pet. By combining these two genetic pools, the mixed-breed Teddy Bear dog receives the best qualities; it retains the loyalty of the Shih Tzu, while the Bichon genes offer a calming effect on the Shih Tzu’s sometimes fiery temperament. Teddy Bear puppies remain calm but will also alert you to danger, serving as helpful watchdogs. 

Physical Attributes

The Teddy Bear puppy also combines the best qualities of its ancestry when it comes to appearance. The Bichon Frise’s genetic contribution creates a longer snout and more open airways, which alleviates complications you commonly find in Shih Tzus — these include stenotic nares, an elongated soft palate and other brachycephalic syndromes. 

Teddy Bear dogs usually have a life expectancy of 15 to 18 years, which is on the longer side for canine lifespans. On average, an adult Teddy Bear dog grows to be less than 12 inches in height and typically weighs between 12 and 15 pounds. It’s also hypoallergenic and non-shedding, so owners never have to worry about dog fur sticking to the couch or their clothes. 


Personality-wise, Teddy Bear dogs are friendly, social and compatible with everyone. The Bichon and Shih Tzu genetic pools balance each other nicely, creating a well-tempered, pleasant pet. 

Teddy Bear puppies aim to please their owners and tend to be intelligent, which makes them susceptible to training techniques. They also love attention — Teddy Bear dog owners may notice their dog likes to follow them from room to room and even approach them for some snuggles. Nothing makes these pups happier than spending time with their owners, so they’re perfect to bring on walks. 


When it comes to care, Teddy Bear dogs are fairly low maintenance. They only require moderate exercise to stay fit, such as a daily walk and some occasional playtime. In terms of grooming, they need a trim every two to three months, as well as regular brushing to prevent their fur from matting. 

Mental health is just as important as physical health. To keep your Teddy Bear dog happy, all you have to do is spend time with them! These affectionate, loving pups will be filled with joy just sitting by your side while you watch a movie or following you around as you go about your daily chores. 

Pros of Owning a Teddy Bear Dog

There are plenty of advantages to owning a Teddy Bear puppy. In addition to their friendly, compatible nature, teddy bear puppies are very practical for a number of reasons:

  • Small size
  • Travel-friendly
  • Quick to learn
  • Take owner’s lead

Thanks to their small size, Teddy Bear puppies are an ideal family pet. They’re perfect for any household, whether it be a busy house or a small apartment. They also make excellent travel companions — they’re the ideal size to bring on the road for your RV trip or even across the globe for your tropical vacation. They fit smoothly in cars and can be carried by your feet on planes or public transportation. 

Because they learn quickly and are easy to please, Teddy Bear puppies are perfect to take on walks. They won’t try to out-run you, which means you can walk at your own leisurely pace.

Where to Get a Teddy Bear Puppy 

When getting a teddy bear puppy, it’s essential you go to a reputable source that will work hard to foster the best match between your family and the dog. With over 20 years of experience, our team at Your Puppy has been helping make families complete by introducing them to the best Teddy Bear puppies for their needs. 

Your Puppy does more than just provide access to these wonderful pets; we work hard to make sure your Teddy Bear puppy is happy and healthy. By collaborating with consulting veterinarians in your area, we are able to offer a 14-day health guarantee and a one-year hereditary and congenital guarantee. All you have to do is take your teddy bear puppy in for a free consultation with one of our veterinarians, where the vet can see how your puppy is adjusting to its new life. 

Once you’ve completed the complimentary vet visit, you’ll enjoy our health warranty plans. If any general health issues pop up within the next two weeks, or if your teddy bear dog suffers from congenital or hereditary issues within the next year, you’ll be covered.

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Whether you’re living alone in an apartment or have a large family filled with rambunctious kids, a teddy bear puppy serves as the perfect pet. Its gentle, sweet nature makes it highly compatible and fun to cuddle with, while its low-maintenance care and intelligence make it easy to train. 

If you’re looking to make your family whole with a teddy bear dog, then look no further — Your Puppy will work hard to create the perfect match for you! Call 813-444-4365 for more information about the teddy bear puppies we have for adoption. We have teddy bears for sale in Tampa, Orlando, Bradenton, Pinellas Park, Sarasota, Wesley Chapel, St. Petersburg and all around the greater Bay area.

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