Yorkie Poo Puppies for Sale

A mixture of Yorkshire terrier and toy poodle, Yorkie-poos offer the best of both worlds with their affectionate nature and general intelligence. Gentleness and a small size make these designer pooches a great choice for families, singles and seniors alike.

Since they have hybrid genetics, Yorkie-poos typically vary wildly in appearance. Coloration runs the gamut from warm cream to dark brown and even black, and their coats may be straight or curly, depending on whether they favor Yorkshire terrier or toy poodle genetics.

Whether you’re seeking Yorkie-poo puppies for sale or just want to know more about this up-and-coming hybrid breed, read on to get more details about these designer dogs.

Breed History

One of the newest breeds on the block, Yorkie-poos were originally bred for intelligence, small size and easy-to-care-for coats. Though they don’t have a well-defined history or a clear line to purebred parents that likely started the breed in the past 20 to 30 years, these mixed-breed dogs typically boast good health, easy trainability and loving personalities.

With more breeders combining Yorkshire terriers and toy poodles to take advantage of demand, Yorkie-poos now come in a range of sizes as well, though many experts expect the breed to standardize with time for a more uniform look. Yorkie-poos aren’t recognized by the American Kennel Club or international breeder associations as they’re not purebred dogs, but many reputable breeders offer pedigrees outside official certifications.

Size and Health

Yorkie-poos vary in size, depending on the sizes of their parent breeds. Most usually stand between 7 and 15 inches tall and weigh between 3 and 14 pounds. Sometimes breeders substitute a miniature poodle for a toy poodle, creating a Yorkie-poo variant that’s typically taller and heavier. Yorkie-poos generally have 12- to 15-year lifespans, so you know what to expect as your puppy grows older.

In terms of health, Yorkie-poos boast good health, though they’re prone to a few common issues. Patellar luxation, a common problem in smaller dogs, may make their joints prone to dislocation, though most can live mostly normal lives with this diagnosis. Additionally, atopic dermatitis caused by allergens may lead to itching issues, while hypothyroidism problems may also pose issues later in life.

Care and Grooming

While Yorkie-poos have lots of energy to burn, they’re compact pooches, so they don’t need lots of space to get the zoomies out of their systems. This makes them suitable for apartment dwellers and homeowners alike. Fenced-in backyards may give them room to roam, but keep watch while they play since their small size may let them slip through cracks and escape from their safe zones.

Yorkie-poos usually have low-maintenance requirements as they don’t shed a lot. Regular brushing helps you easily manage the little fur they do shed — short-haired Yorkie-poos typically need weekly brushing to maintain their characteristic shiny coat, while longer-haired dogs typically need a once-over at least two to three times a week to ward off tangles. Yorkie-poos with longer flapped ears also need special attention, as moisture can build up and lead to infections.


Warm, loving and energetic, Yorkie-poos have lots of enthusiasm for life and the energy to prove it. This means they typically follow their humans around the house and are as up for a game of fetch as they are a nap and cuddle. When left alone too much, however, these designer dogs may get destructive out of boredom. This makes them a great breed for those who have lots of time for a pet or homes where at least one person is at home most of the time.

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