1 Year Hereditary/Congenital & 14 Day General Health Guarantee

Bringing home a new family member is an exciting time!  At Your Puppy, we have 20+ years of combined industry experience of matching families with their new best friend. This is why we are dedicated to providing a smooth transition for your new puppy into your home.

In order to ensure a simple process, we have teamed up with a group of consulting veterinarians within your geographic footprint. Please take your new puppy to one of our consulting vets within 4 business days of bringing your puppy home for this courtesy visit. The visit is a necessary step that will validate your 1 year hereditary and congenital guarantee, as well as your 14-day general health guarantee.  You simply call and make an appointment for your FREE vet visit with one of our consulting veterinarians. This courtesy appointment will let a vet check in on the puppy once it has been at home for a few days to see how the puppy is adjusting to your new home life. Once you have completed the FREE vet visit at one of our consulting veterinarians you can take advantage of the following 14 Day Health Guarantee & the 1 Year Hereditary/Congenital Guarantee.

**This is a general outline of the process and not your actual warranty. Refer to your actual warranty for all details.** 

A note about Emergency Hospitals, stress, and communication…

A change of environment and a new family is an exciting time for puppy. The change of environment and routine can also be a stressful one. Puppies thrive in a predictable daily routine, change it and some puppies can struggle at first. Sometimes if a puppy feels stress from the change of daily routine they might stop eating, become depressed, or experience a drop in their immune system. All of these things manifest themselves gradually and are a major reason we ask you to take your new puppy to the vet within 4 business days of going home. If your puppy has stopped eating, is showing signs of lethargy, depression, loose stool or anything similar don’t wait till it’s an emergency. Give us a call and give your vet a call. You have a 14 day general health guarantee to make the transition smooth, take advantage of it. 

Waiting to address an issue can lead to an emergency and a costly bill as emergency clinics can charge 10 times what a standard vet hospital might. For that reason we do not cover emergency room visits unless we have communicated otherwise to you prior to the visit; and even then, the visit will be reimbursed at the rates of our consulting vet. So if there is an issue or concern that you have with your new friend, don’t wait till it becomes an emergency contact us and contact your vet so that both you and puppy can save on an unnecessary and costly visit to the ER.

**This is a general outline of the process and not your actual warranty. Refer to your actual warranty for all details.**

Your Puppy 10 Year Peace of Mind Guarantee

In the unlikely event that your puppy passes away due to a diagnosed genetic or hereditary event during the first year post purchase you already have a 1 year hereditary and congenital guarantee.Please refer to your warranty for administration procedures. From years 2 to years 10 if your puppy passes from a diagnosed hereditary or congenital defect you will receive a 50% credit toward the purchase of a new puppy. We reserve the option to have the pet, medical records, and results examined by a veterinarian of our choosing. Preexisting conditions noted on the health certificate and warranty remain excluded from this guarantee.