Miniature Poodle Dogs for Sale

Poodles originated in Germany as faithful duck retrievers for hunters. Their coats were clipped to help the dogs move easily through water, shaved on the neck and legs and left long on the chest and leg joints as protection in frigid temperatures. Mini poodles are bred to be smaller than standard poodles and larger than toy poodles, growing between 10 and 15 inches high and weighing between 10 and 15 pounds as adults. Their fur comes in solid colors like white, black, brown, gray and apricot.

Breed Characteristics

Lively and energetic, miniature poodles love to keep busy walking, swimming, running and retrieving. They’re smart and devoted to their owners, thriving on attention and usually responding well to training. Full-coated mini poodles must be brushed right to the skin daily to avoid matting at the roots. Most owners keep the dense, water-resistant fur short for easier upkeep and take their mini poodles for professional grooming every four to six months. All poodle breeds shed very little and have low-allergen coats.

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